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This website, www.Mixeddatingsites.com has this Terms of Use policy, which acts as a legally binding agreement that is made by the website and works between www.Mixeddatingsites.com and the user that visits this website or the entity on behalf of whom the person is using this website. These Terms of Use govern your use of retail as well as other services that are available on this website.

By using or accessing any part of this website or its services, you give your consent that you have read, agreed, and understood to be bound by the following Terms of Use of this website. If you do not agree to be bound, then you may not use or access this website or any of the services provided by this website.

Additional Terms of Use may apply to the user as per their use of this website. We have posted the Terms of Use of this website here, which are incorporated by reference. If there is a disagreement between the Terms of Use and the additional Terms of Use that apply to any specific feature of this website, then the additional Terms of Use will take control.

1. Our Service

www.Mixeddatingsites.com and the services provided through or on this website depend on an “AS IS” basis. This means that you as a user of this website agree that the owners of www.Mixeddatingsites.com exclusively reserve the right and can at anytime, with or without providing you any notice or any liability to you, can permanently or temporarily discontinue or modify this website as well as its services or can delete the information you provide on this website.

We shall have no liability or responsibility for the deletion, timeliness, failure to store, improper, or inaccurate delivery of any information or data.

2. Acceptance of Terms of Use and Amendments

2. Every time you cause access or use this site, you agree that you are bound by the website’s Terms of Use, which can be amended occasionally, with or without providing any notice to the users. Additionally, if you use any specific service through or on this site, then you are subject to any of the various guidelines or rules applicable to those services, which shall be included into these Terms of Use by reference.

For further information, please see our Privacy Policy that is included by reference into these Terms of Use.

3. Privacy Policy

Any personally identifiable data or information provided by you on this website is subject to the website’s terms and conditions of its Privacy Policy.

If you have any queries or questions regarding the Terms of Use of this website, then you can contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.

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