How Mixed Race Couples Define “Love”?

According to the dictionary, love is “a profoundly tender, passionate affection for another person.” It is also “a feeling of warm personal attachment or deep affection, as for a parent, child, or friend.” As this suggests, love can be felt for anybody, your parents, beloved, child, friend, or just your pet.

However, among all these relations, the love between you and your beloved is the most intense one. It is because your partner is the closest person to you and can understand your feelings and emotions the most appropriately. Love is not bounded by race, age, color, caste, creed, or gender. It is beyond everything. It does not know any boundaries or limitations.

Moreover, love can mean different things for different people. It depends on what you think of love. Everybody knows what love is for regular couples. But, have you ever thought what interracial couples think about love or how do they define love? No matter what your answer is to this question, now you would know the definition of love according to mixed race couples or what love means to them.

By talking to some of the mixed race couples, we have found out what love means to them. It can be summed up in the following points.

1. Trust
Trust is one of the most important things in every relationship. In fact, it forms the foundation of a relationship, especially when your partner comes from a different background and you do not know him or her well. You should trust your lover no matter what may come. Also, both the partners should trust each other. For interracial couples, it is one of the things that define love for them.

2. Respect
Another thing that defines love and is important for mixed race couples is respect. Interracial couples think that it should be there in every relationship. If you cannot respect the other person, leave alone your partner, then you do not love him or her. You must respect the other person, in addition to his or her background, race, and culture.

You should not make opinions about him or her just because he or she belongs to a particular race or culture or have a different skin color. You should not generalize everybody. Moreover, respect should come from both the partners and not just one. This will make both the partners feel wanted for what they really are and not for what they look like or where they come from.

3. Admire the differences
Love is also to admire the differences of each other for mixed race couples and not be ashamed of them. It is to accept the way your partner is and not ask him or her to change for you. After all, love does not go by the outer appearance of a person, but the inner qualities and nature of that person.

You must respect the individuality of your interracial partner as well as their outlook towards everything. No two people are the same and the slightest thing you can do for your love towards your beloved is to appreciate and admire the differences between your race and culture.

Now, you know what love is for interracial couples. If you haven’t yet got into a mixed race relationship till now, then you can soon get into one by registering yourself on one of the many interracial dating websites.

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