Avoid these mistakes when dating a black partner

Interracial dating is getting quite popular nowadays. With more and more interracial websites coming up on the internet and the changing mindsets of people, there is an increase in mixed race relationships. People are now getting open to find a partner beyond their own race or culture. They just want true love and nothing else matters for them.

And, this is the way it should be. Don’t you think so? After all, love is love. It should not be tied to any boundations or limitations. It is free. It can happen to anyone, at anytime and with anyone. If you see the race, skin color, creed, nationality, or background of a person to form a relationship with them, then it is surely not love that you are looking for. Rather, it is a sort of arrangement that you are making to show off to the world.

But, now people are letting go of their prejudices and getting involved in mixed race relationships. They are opening up to people of different race and background. And, like any other relationship, there are some things that you must avoid or not do in an interracial relationship too, especially when you want to or are dating a black partner.

These are some of the things or rather comments that you should avoid making while going out with a black partner.

1. “I like Black or hip hop music”
Do not make this comment in front of your Black partner. Just because your partner belongs to a particular race or is Black does not mean that he or she will only love the music of their own nation or culture.

They may also like different types of music. Also, it is seen that many Black people prefer rock or alternative music over hip hop or Black music. You do not have to prove your love to your mixed race partner by saying that you love the music of their culture.

2. “I am not a racist!”
Just to prove yourself or your viewpoint about equality in race, it is not necessary that you say it in front of your partner that you are not a racist or you do not believe in racism. Your partner will subsequently know about it through your conversations and attitude.

Therefore, you must not say things like this or recite some heroic story about incidents of how you did not support racism. Instead, you must stay normal and talk about your hobbies or job.

3. “What do you think about some of the ongoing Black issues?”
Although, general knowledge, current affairs, or politics talk is good to have, it is not recommended on your first date, especially when it is related to the race or culture of your partner. It does not seem appropriate to discuss the popular issues related to your partner’s race.

Moreover, your partner will think that you do not have anything else to talk about, which is why you are bringing up such sensitive topics. He or she can also misunderstand you or your views related to their race.

So, avoid saying such things or making such remarks to your Black partner. Rather, have a normal conversation and talk about yourself like you would do with a person of your same race.

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