Why Black Women Love to Date White Men

White men, especially white men in the military, are irresistible to many black women. If you're wondering why black women are drawn to white military men or if you're a black woman who is interested in experimenting with uniformed white men, read the following tips for black women and white men.

1.They're Independent

Many black men are overly traditional in the sense that they expect their women to take care of them. It's rare to find a black boyfriend that will pitch in and help with the housework. White men, and especially those that were in the military, have generally been taught to be able to look after themselves. In white families, where feminism is predominant, housework is split equally and so it the load of being the breadwinner. When a black woman is with a white man, she'll feel like his complete equal in all aspects. Spoiling a white boyfriend with a spring cleaned house and a home cooked meal will be something he appreciates, not something he expects.

2.They're Not Insecure About Their Masculinity

A big part of why black men refuse to take on more traditionally feminine roles is because in most black cultures, men are expected to be extremely masculine and having feminine traits is something that is harshly looked down upon. White men are raised in a different culture that not only encourages them to be in touch with their feminine side, but also makes them realize that feminine qualities don't necessarily translate into being a weak person. You can ask your white boyfriend to hold your handbag and he won't have a problem, where many black men would put up a fight on the ground of not wanting to appear girly. This refreshing change will be welcome for all black women.

3.They Are More Likely To Want A 'Traditional' Family

While this might sound contradictory to the previous two points, it's not. While white men have no problem with their girlfriends and wives being independent career women, they also want to settle down and get married. They usually want to do this before they have kids as well. Statistically, black men are fathering a lot more children without even considering marriage. If you're a woman who is looking for commitment and to raise children in a stable home environment, dating a loyal white military man could be the perfect solution for you.

4.They Will Love Your Body More

Black men love black women, of course, but they're used to it. White men like black women is different. For a white man, having the opportunity to date a beautiful black woman isn't one he's likely to forget soon. Black women are exotic and alluring for almost all white men and you'll definitely feel a lot more desired with a white man than you will with a black man. Just look at the praise that white men often give black female celebrities and you'll see that there is something about the black feminine form that they simply can't resist.

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