Five Don'ts When You Are Considering an Interracial Relationship

Finding love outside of your ethnicity is perfectly acceptable. What isn't acceptable is if you choose to pursue mixed race dating relationship for any of the reasons listed below. These reasons are not doing you any favors and are not showing the respect your fellow human being deserves, no matter what their sk-in color or ethnicity.

1. Don't Look for the Stereotype

If you think you want a submissive woman, you may think that an Asian girl will be just the right fit for your desires. You should think again. While I'm sure there are Asian women out there who are submissive, you are just as likely to run into a woman who knows what she wants and is not afraid to stand up for herself. Looking for a type of woman within an ethnicity just means you are listening to stereotypes. Do yourself a favor and forget that type of thinking from the beginning. Otherwise, you and the person you start talking with are both likely to be hurt.

2. Don't Expect Fireworks in Bed

Finding women (or men) based on their skin color just to see how great they are in bed is another no-no. If you just want to have a unique experience, try the apps that are available now to arrange a hook-up. You can see what it's like to sleep with someone from another ethnicity. You don't need to pretend to want a relationship to arrange a sexual encounter. That way, you are not wasting the time of someone who is looking for more than sexual gratification.

3. Don't Think Racism Isn't a Thing

It is wonderful that you can look for love outside of your skin color, your ethnicity and your neighborhood. It is great that you can look for common interests and the indefinable that allows you to find love in another person. However, there is no way that racism ceases to exist because you have been able to look past skin color and see love where it arises. Keep that mind when you brag about your relationship or tell people how you found love despite the challenges of interracial dating.

4. Don't Stop Learning

Being in love means having constant opportunities to learn new things about your significant other. When you are in an interracial relationship, there are many cultural differences to learn about, family dynamics to understand and countless opportunities to keep learning. Make sure to put in the effort to learn about him or her, and you will have a healthy relationship that only gets stronger with time.

5. Don't Make Your Relationship a Big Deal

Remember that you aren't the first person to date someone from a different race, and you won't be the last. You didn't cure cancer and you aren't discovering a new planet. In short, congratulations on your exciting new relationship but don't make it out to be a big deal. It really isn't news to the world at large.

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