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The Perks of Being in a Mixed Race Relationship

Sharing your time and moments with someone in a relationship is a really special thing. When you find someone you care deeply about, it is wonderful to have the chance to experience life with them. From any partner you have, you learn and grow with them. They inform your perspectives and give you new ways to perceive the world.

When you date someone with a different racial background, this becomes even more relevant. You have the chance to learn about their ethnicity, their race, and their culture. You get to experience new customs, practices, ways of cooking and eating, and various other things. This is a truly special experience.

Despite societal judgement on mixed race relationships, there is nothing wrong with finding happiness with someone who has different colour skin or different shaped eyes to you. In today’s melting pot society it much more acceptable to be in a mixed race relationship. You may still receive some curious stares or ignorant comments, but at the end of the day it is irrelevant to your relationship. Besides, there are so many perks of being in a mixed relationship that certainly counterbalance anything else.

New ways of thinking
One of the best ways to learn is by experiencing. When you date someone from a different racial background, you are learning about their culture and religion at the same time. This is a really unique way to gain knowledge. You learn by simply being around someone you care about. It is a great balance!

The possibility of learning a new language
If you partner speaks another language, this is the perfect chance to learn some words and phrases. It won’t even feel like learning because the lessons will simply slip into natural conversation between you and your partner. It is certainly better than taking formal language classes!

Be a societal role model
By dating outside your race, you are breaking down cultural stereotypes. You are being part of the modern and progressive world. Today’s society is much more globalised and connected. This isn’t a bad thing at all. You and your partner are setting an example that love has no boundaries and shouldn’t be ignored because of the colour of skin or a religious background.

Become self reflective
In learning about your partner’s cultural and ethnic background, you also have the time to reflect on your own values and beliefs. This will help ground you in what is important to you. As you progress and make compromises with your partner or adopt their customs into your everyday, you find out more and more what is important to you. This is a really good growing experience for you as an individual.

Taller and smarter babies
This perk may be a little further down the track, but it is something to keep in mind for future reference! There is scientific research emerging that suggests mixed race babies are taller and smarter. The genetic mixes are benefiting children and making them more intelligent than their ancestors.

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