4 Questions to Ask a New Match in a Mixed Race Relationship

One of the most eye-opening things about mixed race dating is how you learn to view other races from a whole new angle. Every person in this world is raised differently than the one next to them. Cultural and even socioeconomic differences in the way we are brought up can play a huge role into what we expect later in our life. Making sure that your differences align early on in the relationship is important for its success. During the getting to know you stage of a new relationship, here are four questions you can ask when you are in a mixed race relationship.

What is your stance on religion?
For some cultures, religion can be exceptionally important. A perfect example is the fact that many Hispanic and Latino families are Roman Catholic. Even though religion may not necessarily stick with an individual during their adulthood, there is a real reality that they might want to carry on the tradition with their children or even in their relationship. Religious differences in a relationship can be difficult to overcome. This is one of those topics that should always be asked about upfront.

Do you speak other languages?
We live in a multilingual world. With this in mind, it’s important to remember that different races and different divisions of each race can have different dialect. For example, there are dozens of variations of Italian, Spanish, and Chinese languages. Taking the initiative to learn to speak the same language as your partner can be helpful in mitigating misunderstandings. It may also be helpful in communicating with other members of the family who predominantly speak that language. Additionally, you may want to consider the fact that if your mixed race dating is successful and results in marriage and children, you may be interested in having your child speak that language as well.

What aspects of your culture/ cultural practices do you accept?
Just as it is important to recognize the weight of religion for specific cultures, it is also necessary to recognize different cultural practices. For example, someone who is religious may not necessarily go to church on Sunday. Ask your partner what aspects of their culture or cultural practices where they brought up with that they feel are important. Learn why these different things impact their life and how they would like it’s impact their relationship.

What are your life goals?
Unfortunately, we still live in a day and age where individuals may question their own life goals because of socioeconomic and societal stereotypes. Especially when you are young, it’s important to understand the life goals of your partner. You want to ensure that you are able to provide the safe nurturing environment that they need to help them thrive. In addition to this, both of you will want to know whether or not your career and life paths align in some way. If you both are looking for something different than it is a platform for failure with new love. .

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