5 things one should never say to an interracial mixed weight couple

Interracial couples do have it hard when compared to couples of the same race however; they have to deal with rude and straight up annoying things people have to say about their interracial relationship especially if they have a size difference.

1."Does your partner have some sort of fat fetish"

When people look an interracial mixed weight couple, they come to the conclusion that they are together because one of them has a fat fetish which is a bad thing to say about a couple. We live in a society where people who are fat are seen as unlovable, unfit or have a low self esteem which is not the case. People who are a bit on the large size just want to love and be loved just like everyone else but stigma attached to them is what harms their chances of finding love compared to someone who is slimmer. Asking a couple if a fat fetish is what brought them together is something that should be avoided because true love is what brings people together not weight.

2."How do you guys manage to have sex"

Interracial mixed weight couple have sex just like every other couples, there is no difference in sexual pleasure at all because they are human beings just like everyone else. People seem to think they feed each other in bed or one partner crushes the other which is absolute ridiculous. Interracial mixed race couples can be intimate in a variety of sexual positions without any problem and this question here is one that should also be avoided.

3."Do you feel uncomfortable with the obvious size difference"

Interracial mixed weight couples see the beauty in each other and that is all that matter to them. If they are happy together, their weight difference is the least of their worries because they root for each other, uplift as well as inspire the outside world that love comes in different shapes and sizes. What is in the heart is all that matter and if you ever ask an interracial mixed weight couple if they are uncomfortable with each other, they will say they are absolutely comfortable with each other and do not feel uneasy or awkward.

4."Your spouse must be strong"

This is something that is more said to big women who are in a mixed relationship with a man slimmer than them and this statement can be interpreted as "your man must be really strong because you are so big to lift". This is a very offensive statement to make as is everything regarding someone weight. According to many interracial mixed weight couples, their relationship is based on the core values of any relationship like trust, honesty, love not physical ability or strength.

5."your self-esteem must be so low if you are with someone bigger than you"

Many people have this idea their head that you are with a person bigger than then it means you are having trouble finding someone of the same weight, low on confidence or can't do better. This is the wrong way to look at things because interracial mixed weight couple are together because they want to be and the opinion of outsiders does not bother them.

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