How to maximise your chances of finding love on interracial dating sites

The way that you present yourself on an interracial dating site or your online dating profile can make a massive difference to your chances of finding love. There are a few things that any individual can do to tips the scales in their favour and find love quicker on an interracial dating site.

1.You will need to sign up and create a dating profile that is perfect

Writing about yourself on an interracial dating site can be difficult but if you do take time to write a comprehensive and an appealing profile, it does boost your chance of finding love online massively. Do not sell yourself short by having a profile that is less than 100 words. It comes across as a "noob" account and reduces your chances of getting matches and messages however it is recommended that you keep your profile length between 200- 250 words at least to maximise your chance of finding love.

2.Timing is very important

When you are sending messages to matches on an interracial dating site, timing is everything. Sending a message at the right time depending on the gender of the match increases your chances on getting a response by 75%. If you are a woman, the perfect time to send a message to a man is between 8am-9am in the morning. While for men, the perfect time to send a message to a woman is between 5pm-7pm in the early evening. The hours between 8:30pm -10:30pm can be very tricky and the success rate of getting a response is very low due to a variety of reason like your match getting too many messages and not seeing you message, not having time to response, busy with their personal life and even feeling too tired/lazy to look at their dating profile.


Sending a "smile" or being a "smiler" to a match is statistically known to yield great results in the online interracial dating world. After the ice is broke with the smile, capitalise with a follow up message. Do not go for "Hi", it significantly reduces your chances of getting a reply but by writing between 10-17 words, your chances of a reply back are very high.

4.Upload some very good pictures constantly

The rule when it comes to pictures is simple, the more pictures you have, the more messages you will receive from matches. There is no point filling your profile with pictures just to get responses, quality is very important. Poor taken pictures can be a turn off while well taken pictures can act as magnets for matches. If you are a man, it is worth noting that every new picture you put on your online interracial dating profile increases your chances of communication 10%. A woman on the other hand will see an 8% increase in communication with every new picture she uploads. It is a fact that women get more message than men on mixed dating sites that is while their communication rate per picture uploaded is lower than men.

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